Our mission

Setting a new standard for luxury watch transactions

OpenChrono is an ecosystem for watch lovers to enjoy, buy, sell, and collateralise luxury watches. It's an online marketplace - with a twist… OpenChrono offers a safer, more sophisticated way to buy and sell luxury watches, plus a couple of new ways to unlock value from these assets. It's built on Web3 technology, but don't let that put you off. The tech sits quietly in the background and the platform is easily accessible, it requires no more know-how to use than your banking app.

We empower our community to focus on the timeless joy of collecting and owning watches within a safe and transparent framework


Authentic guarantee

Every watch on the OpenChrono platform is passed through our independent authentication network, condition reported and securely vaulted, giving buyers complete confidence in their purchase and security.


Secure payments

We're making transactions more secure using Web3 technology and secure escrow services.


Reliable provenance

OpenChrono community members have access to item specific details and transaction history whilst , users identity is protected at all times.


Instant liquidity

Once digitised and vaulted, watches can be bought and sold instantly via our marketplace to a worldwide audience, accessing borderless liquidity.

More than a marketplace

We are making transactions secure, and providing new ways to unlock value. Each watch listed on OpenChrono is authenticated, digitalised and vaulted. Digitisation creates a 'digital twin and timepiece passport' that includes full details about the watch, a set of contracts and accurate condition report.

Ultra low fees

Fees 0%

Realised value 0%

Fees 0%

Realised value 0%

Other Marketplaces

Transparent fee structure for sellers

OpenChrono core design is based on a modular architecture which allows community participation. To service this market globally, a modular authentication and storage model is required. Industry experts participate in our highly incentivised ' split fee' model, and in return for providing specific expertise, they are rewarded with a percentage based, recurring rewards structure.

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